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We travel all over Italy and Europe !!

Gioia Tours, is an exclusive Team of expert Driver/Guides and Guides which has specialized in Private Driving adventures since 1984.

Each of our adventures is owner-operated, therefore the quality of your adventure can be guaranteed. We are based in both Rome and Pisa-Tuscany and thus have the knowledge and the expertise to serve you throughout all of Italy. Additionally, we'll be happy to provide driving adventures and transfer/tour service throughout Western Europe,  towards, from, or through, Italy. We will show you all of the highlights, in total security and comfort.

Our fully escorted adventures are tailored to show you to the Italy of your dreams at a pace of your choosing.

We'll tour you around all of Europe!

Roberto is a third generation cultural Driver Guide DG. Rome, with her myriad antiquities, museums, galleries, and churches, has always been home to Roberto, and it is his great pleasure and passion to share his love for and knowledge of his city and her treasures with you, his client guests. Roberto's presentation will bring to life the art and history of Italy for everyone in your party, regardless of their age, even in a rarefied atmosphere such as that of the Sistine Chapel. A day-tour outside of Rome, or a multi-day, multi-region experience with Roberto will be a unique and pleasurable adventure for you. He speaks fluent English & Spanish and he will drive a new Minivan a Sedan or a golf cart, depending upon the size of the party and their preferences.
Andreas made of Tuscany his home more than twenty years ago. He shares with you his intimate knowledge of all the various regions of Italy which he has come to know intimately as a result of the many kilometers he has traveled along Italy's scenic highways and back roads. Although he is able and happy to conform to the restrictions of a conventional itinerary, it is his great passion to take his client-guests to non-typical locations, when possible, in an effort to expose them to the true heart of Italy. Even on a bicycle if you like! Andreas also specializes in multi-country adventures, and speaks fluent English as well as German and Italian.