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When our guests ask us to take them from one of the major Italian cities to another, from Rome to Florence for example, we like to use this as an opportunity to show them some of our beautiful countryside and one of two of the smaller towns of the way. We call this TRANSPLORING.

Tell us where you need to transfer to, we'll turn your transfer into a great tour!

Here below you find some the most common 'transploring' itineraries but, for more ideas, see also the itineraries listed on our "day trips" page.

Rome to Florence or vice versa. 
We leave Rome at about 9:30am and we make a stop in Orvieto which is about half way. Orvieto is a beautiful medieval hilltop town (100 miles from Rome or Florence) famous for its Duomo, the 14th century gothic styled Cathedral considered one of the most impressive of those we have in Italy. Orvieto is also well known for its production of pottery and wine. You will enjoy strolling the streets of Orvieto and see the shops exhibiting their fine pottery.

Obviously you're going to have the opportunity to sample the wines too. In fact you can have lunch in in little and typical "enoteca" (wine bar) where you'll taste the special foods the region of Umbria is famous for and the wines of Orvieto.

Our friends, the Foresi family, will be happy to show you their cellar, dug in the Tufo stone underneath their shop in the 14th Century. You can stroll through the street of Orvieto until 1:00 pm when the shops close and have some lunch before getting back in the car to head for Florence.

We may then continue to Monteriggioni or Sienna, depending mainly on your interest.

We'll be leaving the mountainous Umbria and entering Tuscany with its rolling hills and, as an alternative, you may prefer to have lunch somewhere in the country instead of Orvieto.

We will finally arrive in Florence at about 4pm

The price we charge for this is the same as what we would charge just for the straight transfer, and traveling like this with us you'll also save one day and the money you would spend to go to these places of a specific tour.

The streets of Orvieto
The main square in Todi
Pompeii's Basilica
Sorrento, Marina Grande


A lot of people like to spend time on the Amalfi Coast too and we take a many there. This is another opportunity for a great "transploring adventure".

A lot of people don't know that the excavations of Pompeii are on your way when you travel from Rome to the coast or vice versa and use up one of their precious vacation day, and more money, to take a special trip to the place.

If you're traveling from Rome to Sorrento, Positano, Ravello and Amalfi let us take you there. We'll stop at the excavation to let you tour the place and then we'll stop for you to have a nice authentic lunch by he sea before dropping you of at the city of your choice.

There is a lot to see in the Italian countryside, many of our clients even told us that they enjoyed more the time they spent traveling with us in the country than their stay in the big cities.

Besides the above mentioned Orvieto, Monteriggioni, Cortona, Sienna and Pompeii, there are a lot of other beautiful places to see like Assisi, Perugia, Spoleto, San Gimignano, just to mention the most famous, we can take you too. We can even take you to Florence from Rome and show you some of the towns on the way there and then later come back to pick you up in Florence to drive you back to Rome via a different itinerary and show you more beautiful places.

If you just need to cover the distance between the two cities, then you might as well go by train, but if you want to do some sightseeing, then this transfer is a good opportunity.

Please see also the itineraries listed on our "day trips" page.

Driving time from Rome to the most common destinations
  Florence 3 hrs   Naples 2 hrs  
  Sienna 2.5 hrs   Sorrento 3 hrs  
  Venice 6 hrs   Positano 3 hrs  
  Milan 6 hrs   Amalfi 3.5 hrs  
  Lake Como 6 hrs   Munich 10/12 hrs  
Driving time from Tuscany (Pisa/Livorno/Florence/Sienna/Lucca) to the most common destinations
  Rome 3.5 hrs   Sorrento 6 hrs  
  Venice 3/4 hrs   Positano 6 hrs  
  Milan 3/4 hrs   Portofino 2/3 hrs  
  Lake Como 3 hrs   Genoa 2/3 hrs  
  Naples 5/6 hrs   Munich 7/9 hrs  

 Transploring prices





1/3 pax

3/4 pax

5/6 pax

7/8 pax

Rome / airport or vice versa

€ 70.00

€ 90.00

€ 120.00

€ 120.00

Rome / Civitavecchia or vice versa

€ 180.00

€ 200.00

€ 250.00

€ 250.00

Rome / Florence or vice versa

€ 600.00

€ 650.00

€ 650.00

€ 680.00

Rome / Positano or vice versa

€ 600.00

€ 650.00

€ 650.00

€ 680.00

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